Wednesday, February 29, 2012

just to update

I know I have not update my blog for a long time, Sorry :(I'm back home right now and just started to look for a new job, so far so good :) I have plenty of interest.
I will start working on finishing the update very soon ( I promise) so thank you for the e-mails

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Check point just in case you want to bring a apple to another part of Argentina
Speed is the only good thing about rt3 other than that
 is super straight and very boring lol

I ran into Dave about 40 miles past Viedma and because it was very hot that day I decided to go back to the city with him and stay over night, we found a hotel in the center of the town and had a great dinner while sharing trip stories, Dave was going to Buenos to ship his bike and fly back home. Next morning as we were packing we meet a rider from Brazil that was going down to Ushuaia so him and I stock together for next 9 days.

Many gas stations along the rt3 and some cities as well had long lines to fill up,
 some acutally ran out of gas.
aaaaah shade 0
We both want it to visit Peninsul Valdes so we went to Puerto Madryn where we stayed for two nights, we took a hired trip to the PV and I suppose you can do it on the bike but its all dirt roads in there and to thell you the throught unless is season for wales and orcas its not much happening there. So if you are in the area go and see Punta Tombo instead, you will see the animals more u pclose.

Parking at the hostal in PM
Animals in PV

Ozi (the rider from Brasil) want it to see the Monumento Natural Bosques Pertrificados Park so we decides to ride down to Caleta Olivia and stay over night, well this is one not so happy town and the only thing in it is this big cool statue :P

Well, ride to the park is 50km each way of crappy dirt road that is filled with loose stones so unless you really want to see it I would not recomend. The park is nice though and new for me so that plus the dirt fun made a ok day :D

and yes it was windy as hell
From there we got to Puerto San Julian where we stayed over night, the ride was getting more and more windy so we knew that we were getting closer to the end of the world

Many gas station have tons of cool sticers from travelers
I don't have any but my Awesome Girlfriend made me
 a set of cool cards for my trip so I made my own style sticker 0
one way to deal with the wind

Tierra Del Fuego next (soon I hope0)


Friday, January 13, 2012

I had to stay overnight in Mar Del Plata and next day got to the tire place early in the morning, well they don't open till 9am anyway. As much as I love to get Anakees the almost 700 dollar price tag was to steep so I opted for the Skorpions

Getting new tires on
It was getting close to the noon by the time the guys were done with my bike so I hit the road and managed to get to Bahia Bianca whre I found a place to stay. I got up very early in the morning as I was planing to ride all the way to Puerto Madryn that day but bad news again, my computer just died. So I told the lady at front desk that I might be staying one more night and left to the city to look for repair shop. Well I found few but my mac was to old and even if they could fix it, it would take way to long for the parts to get here. So I had to look for new pc and after few hours of searching around I got the small Samsung pc for 600 bucks.

OK I was going to work on my update but the internet was out for 2 days and now its getting very late and I have to leave early in the morning so I will work on it soon, I'm in Ushuaia right now and for now I will leave you with this teaser photo, sorry.