Friday, August 26, 2011

Long story with pair of boots from Cycle Gear

3 Posts in one day lol, ok here we go

So I bought a pair of boots “Sidi adventure rain” from Cycle Gear, well those are great boots, the fit is nice and looks like the protection should be much better than on the TCX boots that I have right now.
Well after reading more reviews and opinion asking I decided to exchange them for full “Gore-tex” version as they have better water protection plus they are full leather (I didn’t knew that the time of ordering).
So I call Cycle Gear asking for exchange and they said no problem, just mail my boots back to KY warehouse and later they will call me with the details.
Last Saturday I sent them from my local post office priority mail and after 3 days waiting I called the main office in CA and hell broke loose.
They don’t have my boots and I was supposed to send them to the Cali office not Kentucky?
-         AAAA? Excuse me?! You told me to send it there…
Well maybe they’ll show up tomorrow, so next day I called again and with the same results.

Ok Friday morning:
First thing at work I googled the phone number to the KY warehouse and called them right after 9am, the answer was?- “yes sir we had them here since Tuesday 23rd” – what?!

I waited for CA time zone to click 9am and call their office again
Me – yada, yada, the KY warehouse has them
CG – no sir we just talked to them and they don’t have them so call        
        Your post office to track them down…                  
Me – But, but I called KY this morning…
CG – first of how did you get that number sir? No one suppose to call
        That number, and you were suppose to mail those here! and no
        Person in this office would it tell you to send the package to KY 
        and yada, yada, yada (with serious attitude)                                               
Me - What?!, Are you calling me a liar?!! … (Now I’m pissed)

And after me yelling (a little) and them apologizing we ended the phone call at that.
I’m not one of those people that yells at customer service but I was getting screwed by their lack of internal communication so I had no choice, plus I was angry lol

I called the KY warehouse one more time and ask them to help me with the matter, they will e-mail the main office with information and I should be able to call them within an hour.
Well it’s almost and hour now so… ok called and now I’m waiting for supervisor to call me back, another hour went by and I’m ready to call some other store and order those from them.

To be cont.

ok Update:
Cycle Gear come through and called me back, they have the boots and they will upgrade to the Gore-tex style with nice discount :), so yay CG thanks for helping me out

New date

OK those dates are final

I'm working till September 7th

leaving September 14th

(unless I'll get antsy and leave sooner lol)

Bad news

My step father passed away last Tuesday while he was on vacation in Poland, so my Mom is there right now and I have to take care of things around here.
I guess that's life

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 weeks to go

It's kind of hard to do all the preparations while still working full time and helping family with their house projects like, laying tile in the basement lol. o well
but never the less things are starting to look better and more stuff is showing at the door steps, and o boy it got scary at one point that I'm spending to much money before the trip but all the stuff will be needed - I hope :P
so yesterday I set up my new hammock and its very cool and I hope to use it as often as I can.
I will have tent with me as well, a little thing for a single person.
Next is the spot tracker is here as well so you people will be able to trace my steps :D
And finally today my new riding boots got here "Sidi Adventure Rain" I was worry about the fit as last time (2 years ago) I did try those on and they were tight fit to the sides of my feet but this time they are re-designed and fit great! :), so that worked nice.
Also my permanent passport is ready so I should have it sometime next week YAY.

24 days to go :D

say hello to Hennessy Expedition zip hammock :) cooooomfyyy
and the rest of the new stuff,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting closer

Last Monday I hand in my notice, it was suppose to be 3 weeks but later I was asked if I could stay 2 more weeks on top of that. Well because I was sick for last just about a week that kind of set me back a little, so I can reset my leave by one more week no problem there, but I don't want to stretch that any longer as it could change my initial riding pace and that I don't want. Unless they would come up with something special........ nah lol. I just can't that's all.

ok about the photo below.
I have 2 passports (dual citizenship) but I will travel on Polish passport, I'm taking my American passport just in case.
At AAA they told me that I need one international DL for Europe and Another one for South America.
and the Connecticut DL's? well when I went to the DMV to make a address change they charged me 30 bucks for and new copy of DL so I said to the lady that for $30 I would like to keep my old one and she said that for $30 bucks I can, so I did lol

Charlie is trying to sneak one out :)

More stuff :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Final assembly - I hope :D

OK I've been a little sick for past few days and started taking antibiotics so I hope that will help soon, plus I got another vaccination to the collection, Tetanus so that makes six now :) there is a party in my body lol.

So I found this great post on how to replace the alternator belt without the "Special" BMW tool :P
click here to if you like to see it CLICK and he has one on fork seals CLICK so that's great :).
ok I hope I'm done with the bike, just let the K&N filter dry up and if I feel better tomorrow I might go for a short test ride, maybe.
old belt is just about gone, I don't know how it survived this long?
Old vs New
New belt is on :)

And cover back about 30 min.
than new fuel filter
and TA DA :D the bike is assembled yay

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bike apart cont.

Well it was a very busy weekend, but the bike is starting to look like a ....... bike again :-).
Although I did most assembly myslef I had some help from my friends so Voytek & Jamie thanks guys :).

Voytek is re-working my electrical mess,
thanks dude you did super nice job :-)

New Ohlins shocks, I can't wait to ride the bike now :)
Yay my bike has both wheels on again :)