Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 10 - Big Bend Texas

Wow this park is huge ;), I will camp here tonight but for now I will post some pictures from part of it.
It's so hard to stay at 45mph after pushing 80 at similar roads lol

Day 9 - 320 miles

Well its starting to be the same thing in the morning: get up, pack up, drink some crappy coffee lol.
The plan today was to ride to Marathon TX where I've made reservations in a little to expensive hotel but so be it, its still under standard Holiday inn or similar so I'll live with it.
Riding in a dessert was a totally new experience for me and I must say that I like it and maybe what helped was an overcast in most places so the temperature stayed on the low 80's, not to bad.
Rt 90 its interesting to ride with scenery changing from time to time and tons of border patrol around, I was stopped once on one of the routine check points, no biggie and they were nice and professional.
Big Bend tomorrow where I will camp for at least one night.



Taking off from San Antonio

My bike turned 70000 today yay
This was one super clean rest area

Some flora for you
Everything is bigger in Texas

Boys are on patrol and they are wheeling
Cutting through the hills
Just a few views
Dinner time
Overall the ride was a ok
It got more green at the end
and very straight lol
And finally I got to the hotel, check out the key

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 8 - 30 miles :P

Just riding around San Antonio, stop by at Cycle Gear to pick up new camelbak and AAA to get another set of International DL's just in case.
Damn it was hot today, impossible to ride with windshield up.
Tomorrow I will ride up to Marathon where I will stay over night and next hit the Big Bend park

First casualty of the trip, well at least the new bag is 3 liters
New and old (which was new )
 I kept the bladder and yes both would fit into the new backpack so if I needed I can have 5 liters of water lol

Day 7 - 530 miles

It would it been 500 but there was an accident which I had to ride 30miles to go around, o well.
Just pictures from the road

In San Antonio now, staying an easy day to update stuff and I need to stop by in Cycle gear to get new camel bag, last one got burned while resting on hot pipe I'll snap picture of it later on.



Must of been those Louisiana love bugs
Made it to TEXAS - everything is bigger here

One of the areas from recent fires
Trying to escape another storm
wow check out those clouds
aaaaaa! run to the light ...... 
and yet again I'm hiding :P

Day 6 - 420 miles

I'm sorry to say but rt80 in Alabama is boooooring lol.
not much happen that day so I will post pictures with comments

Last April they had a tornado passing through on the lake
and it did some serious damage - two people died

Nothing left from the house that was standing in the dark spot
Rich is leading the way on his special super duper stage gazillion electra glide
(Sorry Rich I had to)

Underwear making in progress
Made it to MS, boy that's allot of sss's :P
and hiding from my first t-storm, so far so dry

No that is one big motor
Crossed the border to Louisiana while enjoying this awesome sunset