Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 2

Late start again :) I go to stop that!
So I started riding on the Hwy but after 70 miles of fighting all kinds of turbulences between trucks I got sick of it very quick, also seeing BRP from the road was not helping so I pulled over on the next rest stop to rethink the way I should go today.
On one hand I would like to get to Deal's Gap today but on the other hand this is my ride so why not have a fun one?
Well next exit was it! BRP here I come :) at least for couple of hours, plus I can use some even in out of the tire wear :P
I have been on that road few time before so I know how pain in the neck is to try to stay at around 45mph but what the heck, at least it has some nice scenery and decent turns here and there so that was fun. The ride was nice and easy with only few deers on the road and one owl trying to take my helmet off but I won so no biggie :P
I stayed on it as far as rt77 and took the Hwy down to Asheville so looks like Dragon will happen tomorrow

ps. I also notice how much time is flying just by talking to people :) I guess that's what I get for riding overloaded beemer lol

No Ethanol!! :P
BRP from I81
That was a good decision

trying out my Polish hat :)

Visited some mill along the way 


  1. BRP has very beautiful views. Dre and I drove the BRP in June when we went to see his dad in SC. On my fb I have a pic of us in front of the "Best BBQ on the parkway." Nobody there had any teeth. It was a trailer in a field. But it was dang good BBQ!

  2. Hm, we were on a highway that said Blue Ridge, though...must be different? Too funny about the owl!

  3. hmm maybe?, the only Blue ridge parkway I know its that one, yea the Owl was a nice surprise :)