Friday, September 23, 2011

Well I'm sure that I will loose count on some point :P
I knew that I don't have to much miles to ride today so I took it easy in the morning and did the laundry and had a nice coffee before take off.
The day started with some heavy rain but by the time I got going it was nice and dry, so I hit the road and in no time I was in Robbinsville NC where I made a quick stop to fill up both the bike and my stomach.
As I was getting closer to Deal's Gap on RT129 the road was more and more wet so that got me worry a little as I did wanted to ride the dragon today and wasn't sure how will the over loaded bike handle on the wet twisty road, plus I noticed and little rear end slide on tighter corners - hey what gets?! and it hit me - o yea 40psi lol.

Finally I got to the resort and quickly payed for the camping spot thinking that I still have time to set-up and go for a fun ride, But than bummer camping area was wet and muddy.
So I went back to the office and asked if I can use the two trees at the end of the parking lot to set up my hammock? and the answer was NO! "tent area only" wow another bummer, its not like I was going to use the tree of shame or anything lol.
So long story short I meet some folks that were on the MTF rally here at the Iron Horse so I went there to see if they would take me in, and sure enough those super nice people did just that.
so I'm here right now talking to bunch of great folks that are happy to have me around and listen to me bragging about my trip :P


On the way to Robbinsville

overloaded cow is getting attention
I think the tree of shame its getting more and more - busy 
my old shirt is still there
few pics from the dragon 
My set-up at the Iron Horse

thanks to the awesome folks from MTF you guys rock

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  1. It's too bad they didn't let you stay at the Dragon. they miss to see the big picture and be welcoming to the motorcyclists who support them.But there is always a reason. I met good friends somewhere else. Move on! ride on!