Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finger lakes BMW rally

That was a great weekend, spending time with friends it was exactly what I needed.

We left Saturday morning and went straight for the highway to catch up on time, it was hot and humid plus some of us were hangover so we had make few stops along the way.
After few hours on both RT84 and RT17 the decision was made to take back roads for the rest of the way, it was still hot but at least the scenery was nicer so I didn't mind the heat that much.

After few hours of that we finally made it to Ithaca where Ewelina joined the crew and now all we had to do is a short 30 mile ride to the rally at Watkins Glen state park, where of course it started raining pheew.
The GPS cords. worked and nice and we quickly found the gate where we were told that we just made it for last few minutes of dinner, great!
So we payed and found our way to the main building where we had a so so dinner and some needed coffee which totally sucked! ouch I never had anything to drink with so much chlorine in the water blah.

Finally, the bellies are full and its time to find a decent spot for our tents, well that was easier said than done. The park was full of people with all kind of campers, tents, a cars plus tons of beemers :D
No problem, after some time of searching around we set up the tents right smack in front of the main building, well sort of to the side of it. The next task? BEER :P
So Magda and I took of back to town and again just managed to get some beer in last few minutes, luck I guess :) the beer Gods were on our side that evening and the rest was easy - get drunk :P

Sunday we had not to bad of a breakfast and after some walking around and shopping plus picture taking we found out that it will rain next day, bummer. One thing we all hate is to pack camping stuff in the rain, so we decided to get everything ready for departure that evening and stay at Ewelina's that night. That was a great idea :) and for many reasons.

Later on we had a great walk in Watkins Glen gorge and after that we chilled at the local DD, they had AC running :).
Back at the rally we stayed for the door prizes announcements plus few other and in no time we were back on the bikes.

Monday totally sucked for many reasons, first of we all didn't want to leave, specially me. And second it rained all day long, what a miserable ride that was.

OK to summarize:
The weekend was total blast and I'll do it again in a heart beat, the ride although hot going up and wet coming down it was still a great ride, and the rally was fun :)

Special thank you is in order to a one very, very special person :) Thaaaaaank You!!! :D

PS. sorry for a crappy writing but I'm not in the creative mood today :P

few pictures:


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