Friday, September 2, 2011

A little more insight :)

Well not everyone knows about this yet, but on September 14th (I hope) I'm leaving for a longer - much longer ride.
I can't share the total time and place as I don't know myself yet or ever will until it's done lol, but for now the general route might look something like this:

In US:   at first I will stay mostly on East coast (unless another hurricane hits) down to the dragon and what ever else I might find interesting, than take a side turn and ride to Texas where I will cross over to Mexico.

from that point I will have to wing it as where to go but it will sort of look like this:

Costa Rica

Not sure how yet how but that's where I will have to ship the bike to get across Darien Gap


the ultimate goal is to see the Dakar rally life, and spend 12 days riding along (well behind, side, ahead, what ever works)

after that?, that would depend on the money and how much I would have left at that point lol

the Spot updates will available to view at any time and they will show on the small map (top right corner) and more detailed at the link below that.

If you like to have updates please click "Join this site" and sign up to follow it

if you like to donate some spare change for gas money :) and to pay off corrupt officials :(   don't do it yet as I'm still buying stuff and your name might get missed in the mix.   I will keep a nice thank you list with all names, unless you tell me not to be on it.



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  1. then you ship the bike over to Africa when your friend Marcin will join you!