Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 4

Oh boy sleeping in the hammock its a bliss, nothing hurts in the morning :)
I had a nice breakfast and few chats with folks from MTF. also I while staying at the rally I meet Mike from Side stand up so that was very cool and maybe if all goes well we might skype talk while I'm down there.
I finished packing my camping mess and pulled up to the front so I can pump up my tires back to 40psi when John owner of Iron Horse walked up and we had a nice chat as he just returned from his Alaska trip, he liked they way I had things packed and also gave me a nice tip on one more spare part to carry with me: a shift link, well I didn't knew that so that was great info plus he gave me a set, Thank you so much :)
Day before the dragon was wet so went again as the weather was awesome and I'm suppose to have fun right? it is a nice experience to push the overloaded cow into those awesome turns and twists :P the photos from on site photographers should be on soon and I will buy some for sure.
Next was Cherohala Skyway which is also allot of fun and  than I went to visit the the Tellico motorcycle outfitters and bought some Nikwax to see if it might stop the damn squeak my Sidi's make lol, it worked and I'd say 50% of the noise is gone.
Off to Alabama today to visit my friend


ps. I have to work and the flow of my writing sheesh I hope I'll get it :P

Dry dragon ;)
the photo crew at work
and those fellas as well
aaahhh memories ;)
1979 Honda nice and clean
quick stop at Cherohala
shop at Tellico
check out that mod, car tire :)


  1. car tire on a bike??? stupid Idea. this bike must handle like a drunk camel on sand!
    Other thing my opinion...and I did ride overloaded should have at least 42 psi on the back.
    keep riding! stay safe.

  2. zdecydowanie za malo pisania jarek!!zamiast updatowac FB pisz bloga bo bedziesz zalowal po powrocie.

  3. sorki ale ostatnie trzy dni to byla tylko jazda :(. no juz robie update :)