Monday, September 19, 2011

Awesome card by my favorite artist Dylan :)
OK so start was interesting and as usual in a hurry. I though that I will have a nice and quiet take off, but few of my friends wanted to ride with me for a while and because our communication was poor they were all already waiting for me while I still had not taken the shower yet :-)
The morning was rough on me as I was trying to fit a spare helmet shield into my fully packed cases and after an hour of messing around with I decided not to take it, not because it wouldn't fit but it would be in the way and pron to get all scratched, so I left it behind.
Finally it was past 11am when after few hugs with my sister I took off... straight into a traffic jam on rt84, took me just about an hour nd combination of back roads to get to NVC parking lot to meet up with my friends.
Starting Mileage
take off :)
It was getting late and I had over 260miles to ride that day, so we made a quick decision to ride up to Max Bmw in Brookfield where we going to say our god bye's.
first repair along the way, my break light kept on kicking in - fixed :)
TA DA! from left: Voytek, Marek and Rafal
at the dealer, the loaded bike was getting some attention

Just before Danbury by pure chance my friends Victor and Wes spot me on the highway
meet up with local ADV rider on one of the stops

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