Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 5

OK last three days except for visiting my friends in Alabama, it was all ride and mostly on highways.

Day 5 - around 200 miles

Riding in Northern Georgia is very nice specially on rt76 but it was getting dark and after all day of riding twisties I was getting tired so no time to enjoy :( I had to get to Dalton where I was staying at local motel6
Packed my bike in the morning and took off for Alabama, not much happen during the ride and the views were ok at best :P so I didn't even take any pics.
My friends Rich and Jeanne were waiting for me so I was trying to get there fast, plus I knew that they have as Rich like to call a "shack on the lake" so I was still hoping for an nice and refreshing dive into the lake.
Well the place turn out to be a fricken PALACE! and they have jet-ski's so when the Rich asked me if I would like to go for a ride it took me 2 minutes flat to be in my swimming shorts ready to go, what a blast that was and I recorded Gopro video of it.
Lake Martin is very, very nice and big with beautiful houses all around the lake and many islands that people use to camp, I have an official invite to come back there with my friends and I will! thank you guys I had a blast.
Later on we had a nice dinner topped with delicious chocolate cake (Thank you Jeanne) and after watching never ending Yankees / Red socks game I went to sleep at 13th inning - I'm not a baseball fan lol.
You just can't beat Jeanne's breakfast with coffee on quiet sunny morning while sitting on the deck overlooking the lake aaahhh that was so nice I didn't want to leave.
But it was time to go so Rich went for a short ride with me to show around a little and after that we split our ways and I got back on the Hwy hoping to make it to San Antonio in 2 days.
I did
Thank you Rich and Jeanne for taking me in you guys are wonderful hosts and great friends

Made it to Alabama :)
The "shack" at the lake :P
The View


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