Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 weeks to go

It's kind of hard to do all the preparations while still working full time and helping family with their house projects like, laying tile in the basement lol. o well
but never the less things are starting to look better and more stuff is showing at the door steps, and o boy it got scary at one point that I'm spending to much money before the trip but all the stuff will be needed - I hope :P
so yesterday I set up my new hammock and its very cool and I hope to use it as often as I can.
I will have tent with me as well, a little thing for a single person.
Next is the spot tracker is here as well so you people will be able to trace my steps :D
And finally today my new riding boots got here "Sidi Adventure Rain" I was worry about the fit as last time (2 years ago) I did try those on and they were tight fit to the sides of my feet but this time they are re-designed and fit great! :), so that worked nice.
Also my permanent passport is ready so I should have it sometime next week YAY.

24 days to go :D

say hello to Hennessy Expedition zip hammock :) cooooomfyyy
and the rest of the new stuff,

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