Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting closer

Last Monday I hand in my notice, it was suppose to be 3 weeks but later I was asked if I could stay 2 more weeks on top of that. Well because I was sick for last just about a week that kind of set me back a little, so I can reset my leave by one more week no problem there, but I don't want to stretch that any longer as it could change my initial riding pace and that I don't want. Unless they would come up with something special........ nah lol. I just can't that's all.

ok about the photo below.
I have 2 passports (dual citizenship) but I will travel on Polish passport, I'm taking my American passport just in case.
At AAA they told me that I need one international DL for Europe and Another one for South America.
and the Connecticut DL's? well when I went to the DMV to make a address change they charged me 30 bucks for and new copy of DL so I said to the lady that for $30 I would like to keep my old one and she said that for $30 bucks I can, so I did lol

Charlie is trying to sneak one out :)

More stuff :)

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  1. yeah, for the amounts they charge for a renewal of a DL I keep my old ones as well, depends on who you get @ the DMV counter, sometimes they play the mean CT state employee game!!!