Friday, January 13, 2012

I had to stay overnight in Mar Del Plata and next day got to the tire place early in the morning, well they don't open till 9am anyway. As much as I love to get Anakees the almost 700 dollar price tag was to steep so I opted for the Skorpions

Getting new tires on
It was getting close to the noon by the time the guys were done with my bike so I hit the road and managed to get to Bahia Bianca whre I found a place to stay. I got up very early in the morning as I was planing to ride all the way to Puerto Madryn that day but bad news again, my computer just died. So I told the lady at front desk that I might be staying one more night and left to the city to look for repair shop. Well I found few but my mac was to old and even if they could fix it, it would take way to long for the parts to get here. So I had to look for new pc and after few hours of searching around I got the small Samsung pc for 600 bucks.

OK I was going to work on my update but the internet was out for 2 days and now its getting very late and I have to leave early in the morning so I will work on it soon, I'm in Ushuaia right now and for now I will leave you with this teaser photo, sorry.

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  1. Jarek You made it to Ushuaia, congratulation,the road ends there,let us know what is next in your adventure plans?