Monday, January 2, 2012

So I'm here in Mar Del Plata and the plans are changing again lol. Well because of the bearing thing and deep need of new tires, I can't follow dakar as I want it to do - o well. I did go to the start point and spend a whole day walking around and later watching some of them riding / driving around but there was no way to get to them for autograph etc.
Yesterday I was sitting on the side of rt88 and watch them all go by for stage1 so at least that was cool. (on the other hand with so much people following them I can only imagine the lines for gas lol)
anyway so I found this cool place to get tires and tomorrow I will get a brand new set but he only has a 140 rear from tourance (we'll make some phone calls in the morning to see if we can find one around)
otherwise those are my choices:
Pirelli scorpion trail - $414 dollars for set (so far I'm  leaning towards those)
Bridgestone (forgot the name but they did not look adv) - $515 dollars
Michelin Anakee - $671 dollars for set
or maybe he can try to find Saharas but I don't think that they last very long, specially as I have few miles on pavement.
hmm will see in the morning, any input would be appreciated - thanks :)

ok few pics from past two days

It was awesome to be there and walk around but it was super hot so I went back to the bike to take a break (there was also a couple from UK there) some people want it to take a picture with our bikes and at first they were asking to either sit on the bike or have their kids sit on it but after a while they were not asking anymore, the people were just lining up and hopping on the bikes like they were part of the show or something. So we had to get the heck out of there.
 So we found a restaurant near the beach and soon enough the presentation of Dakar competitors started.
 Next day I was up early in the morning so I can catch them going by on rt88, I got there just after 5am ready with my camera :)
Here is Marc Coma
Cyril Despres gave me a nice wave
So did Francisco Lopez
Here is one of the Polish guys Jakub Przygonski  
Here is Jonah Street

So Sorry to hear the bad news, R.I.P

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