Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just another day - I guess

For starters this is what my tires look like right now - see the slits?

I left Pehuajo early in the morning with hopes to make it to the ocean early enough so maybe I can enjoy the evening on the beach, well that didn't work.
About 20 miles in the the ride I felt a very strong vibrations in real wheel so I immediately pulled over just to notice a oil leaking from the rear drive, the seal was partly out. So I took everything off plus the wheel and as I was checking the seal I noticed few small peaces from the bearing it self.... sh**t the darn bearing failed.
 Well not much I can do about it now but try to get some help, the closest town is 20miles away but this is very busy road so I posted a "help" sign and hoped for the best.
The first guy stopped and he said that he will ask around in next town but he wasn't coming back for over an hour, Next guy stopped by and and start making phone calls back to the city and to the neighbors. After some time more help arrived and we all got the bike on the pick-up truck to bring it back to the city where a local scooter/go-cart mechanic were willing to help me out. I had a spare bearing so we got to work on it right away, 3 hours later I got the bike back in once peace and the only thing now is hope that we did a good job lol.

The mechanics :), thanks guys :)
New sticker on my case
So I'm staying for the night here again and later meeting the pickup driver for few beers and tomorrow I will try again. (fingers crossed)


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