Monday, December 26, 2011

Bolivia San Juan to Chile Calma

We got up in the morning and worked on the bikes a little

Roberto's frame was cracking under the tailpack
old Jawa's 350
and back to the dirt
and more dirt
and more salt and dirt
with some speedbumps along the way
it was very dusty and hot but the border was near
The border crossing is easy, at the Bolivia side you get your passport stamped for 15 Bolivinos and give back the paper at the Aduana office, at Chile side you get 90day visa and at the Duana they do all the work them selfs so you just sit and wait.

Still hot at the Bolivia border

waiting for paperwork at Chile side
After all was done two guys come out to check our stuff, Robrerto had to open all cases and all they check on mine was the top case :)

from the border the dirt continues till about last 40km before Calma
Some nice scenery along the way
Finally after long day of riding all kinds of dirt sections
from nice and hard pack to very soft deep sand we made to the black top

Again it was getting dark as we were making our way to the city,
we found a hotel and stayed for the night

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