Friday, December 2, 2011

Peru Puno to Cusco

I wasn't sure if I make it to Cusco in one day, even though the rt3S looked good on the map I've been proven wrong before. So after a nice breakfast and cup of mate de coca at the hotel I hit the road.
The road turn out to be ok and just for about 20k or so the tarmac was covered in sand and few short sections were all send, but with tkc80's on I was flying through it just fine
Got to watch for the tourist buses as they will get right on your tail and beep the to make you let them get by
One of the things that I like about Peru is that this county is investing allot into road repairs, there is tons of stops because of that but I don't mind that
Mostly it was fast ride so I was catching up on km's quickly
Passing through few small towns along the way, there is few hostels if you want to take your time
This poor guy got forced off the road by a big truck, Naturally I had to stop and help him get the bike back on the road, (its good karma you know)
The battery in my camera died so I don't have pictures of coming into the city, but I made it to Cusco in 7 hours.
As I was riding around the town checking out the hotels I noticed  a KLR parked inside the hotel so I stopped to talk to the guy, Karl from Virginia was staying here for a while as he is waiting for a parts that his parents are sending from home. The hotel people gave me a nice deal so I'm staying here for few days and its always more fun to be around other travelers.

Our bikes parked inside the hotel

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