Friday, December 2, 2011


 Marcos e-mailed me that they coming to Cusco so we went for a walk to meet them at the main square and sure enough there was the familiar vee parked next to one of the agencies, it was so good to see Marina again but Marcos was gone to deal with the tourist police. This is a warning for everyone that is coming here to visit Machu Picchu" Do not use any traveler agency to buy any tickets, they got totally screwed by one (as well as few other people) the tickets were wrong and they had to buy all of them again. Good thing that the police were able to help them out and they received most money back and the rest they should get send to them by wire.
Once I told them that rt3S is fine and they will make it to Puno in one day, they decided to stay here for the night so we had a great time walking around Cusco and sharing all needed info.
So when my girl gets here this Saturday, we will spend weekend here and than Monday morning we will take off on bike to Ollantaytambo where we will leave the bike at on of the hotels and catch a train to Aguas Scalientes where we will stay for the night. Tuesday morning we'll go up to Machu Picchu including the walk to Huayna Pichu than get back on evening train to Ollanta to stay for the night and Wednesday ride back to Cusco while stopping in few spots along the way.
I got all the tickets here today and it was very easy to do so if you coming here you can do it yourself as well.

They running a campaign for people to use crosswalks
And they get slap with the rope if they
try to cross through busy street

Marina was waiting alone by the agency
preparations for some festivities, but the rain stopped all later
This one did not like to dress up
So good to see those guys again :)
umm ok?
Few evening shots
Till next time, Cheers :)

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  1. hello Jarck,and girlfriend

    nice to met you in Cusco and the saltteraces,I'm the longtime klr rider from germany,,
    good blog,always keep the mirrows up and the tire's down,Fred.