Monday, December 26, 2011

Bolivia Uyuni to San Juan - riding Salara

First thing first so we had to go to see the train cemetery 

Its cool place to see and just 2km's from Uyuni
Road on the way to Salara is a teeth chattering dirt road
Getting the GPS ready at the entry to Salara
Not sure what happen here but allot people died in 2008
First you just follow the black track
We are on salt! yay!
We made it to the first stop and asked the local guides on how is the surface ahead to the first islands, they told not to go because of water. So we went anyway :D

Off to the island

It was getting little wet

My small camera has some black spots on it now :(
Island ahead :) and the surface is getting dry
Little salt buildup on my bike :D
The island

The other side of the island is where all tourists stay for the night 
So we continue on to ride south and find the exit
Made a quick stop for those kind of pictures :D

Continue on

Back in town we were asking locals for the best way to exit the salara but unless you pay them for the tour they would not share any info, so I tried to do that myself using google maps. I was off by 2km

ops try again :D
we found a track leaving the salara but it was getting muddy
Roberto thought that the side might be better
So close to the edge and so much fun :D
I got out and had to go back to help Roberto as he got stuck
We knew from the map that there is a town San Juan not to far but the GPS would not calculate the road so I set it for the off road ride and we hoped for the best and follow the forever splitting dirt roads

Got very sandy at times
Army base in the middle of nowhere
it was getting dark as we finally pulled into the town
we washed the bikes at the local water well

there is few hostals in the town so we found a cheap one and the lady gave us a nice dinner plus few beers later we were ready to sleep, way more dirt riding next day.

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