Monday, December 26, 2011

long overdue update :)

I though that I saw a lady selling DL's on street market LOL, just kidding. The driving is so bad in LaPaz that it makes your hair stand up, but for some reason there aren't any accidents (not that I saw any). My girlfriend left night before and I was suppose to go to ride the death road the next day but it was raining all day and I didn't feel like playing in the mud so I packed the bike in the morning and got some gas at second attempt, The gas stations here don't want to sell any gasoline to foreigners and those that do charge just about triple the price. I've been told by many riders that I met along the way not go to Uyuni alone, but I didn't feel like going back through Peru again so I said what the heck I"ll see what happens and took off for Oruro. Not much happen along the way as the scenery is ok at best plus the rain and road constructions made this into a crappy ride so I pushed on. I got to Oruro late in the afternoon (I left LaPaz very late) and after some searching around I found a hotel to settle for the night.

Oruro at the beginning of town

I saw Roberto on facebook in the evening so I quickly contacted him and we were both set to meet up in Potosi so we can ride the Uyuni together yay!.
I had some running around in the morning to get gas as 5 different stations would not sell it to me but luckily a taxi driver showed me the way to one station that did for again triple the price :) o well at least I got it. The ride to Potosi was much nicer and weather was good so I got to enjoy that.

Waiting in the line for gas
Leaving Oruro

Some scenery along the way

Its hard to be a kid in here


Roberto was already here waiting for me 
So after a short talk we left trough the narrow streets of Potosi to the hostal that Len stayed at night before, to bad that he didn't wait for us but he want it to get to Uyuni quick.

At the hostal
It was still early so we took a walk through the city
And had some fish snacks

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