Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best 12 days ever

My girlfriend flew in for 12 days and we had a great time traveling from Cusco to LaPaz while visiting great places along the way, including Machu Picchu. This trip is just as much hers as is mine so having her here to experience all first hand was a best thing ever, going through historic sites, observing local life and meeting other travelers. Today she is flying back home and I will continue on with this great ride.

Few tips / points.

Like I mentioned before if you coming to see Machu Picchu don't hire and travel agency to get you tickets, you can do it all your self from Cusco or online. If you decide to climb Huayna Picchu bring some gloves, lots of steel cables and rock walls along the way. Also bring some kind of water carrier so your hands are free, its a steep climb.
If you are planning to roll on a tight budget and coming this way, set some cash aside to do Machu Picchu the cost is 150soles to enter (with Huayna Picchu) 39 dollars each way for train (from Ollanta) and 16 dollars for the bus. We meet some travelers that skipped the whole thing because of the price but I still say that this was totally worth it.

RT3s from Cusco to Puno is a good road but it has a 20k section with tons of sand on the road, no problem though you can make it just fine in one day. If you going to Chile from Puno the Interoceanica sur to Moquegua is a very nice a scenic road, just watch out as there wil be no gas for first 170 miles of it.

And finally if you going to spend some time in LaPaz and go for a walk to local markets, keep your wallet in the neck hanging pouch behind your shirt, I got caught in a fake "people squeeze" today and at one point I felt something vibrating on my left shoulder, so I turned my head to check what was it and at the the same time I hear ladies screaming something. It was a trick to tun my attention away as other guy was picking my pockets, the ladies saved my ass and the guy run away with nothing.

OK few pictures.

Ewelina made some pictures from the plane

We had a great walk in Cusco
Had some great lemonade
and mate de coca
its one way to travel
You can get Polish vodka everywhere
Night wedding at Plaza de Armas
Dinner with a view
2 Soles picture
They had a parade happening here
And small demonstration for educational rights
Visiting local market

In the morning we took off for Ollanta

more pictures coming soon

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