Monday, December 26, 2011

Bolivia Potosi to Uyuni

We were told that ride to Uyuni is all dirt so we left early in the morning thinking it will be a all day ride but turnout to be about 80% pavement so the ride went fast and scenery was very nice.

15 Bolivianos each to enter the road

Quick stop for a lunch on the side of the road

Dirt section

Silver mining town 
First views of Uyuni

Streets of Uyuni
After we settle in the hotel we went for a dinner into the city and later for a few beers at some local bar where we met two Dutch riders that we saw back in Puno, they told us that there is allot of water on salara and they met a Colombian rider that had to turn around. O well we made our minds on going anywhere so we went back to the hotel to prep the bikes for a next day  ride. Oil everything we can and duct tape all possible entry points :D

Salara next

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