Thursday, June 30, 2011

So the cat is out :)

I was keeping this a secret as I didn't even knew myself if I want to do this... well I'm so tired of everything around me, of the constant battle to keep up with pre-set standards and expectations while still trying to find my way around my own life. I know it sounds like the old song that has been played over and over again, but I can honestly say that I did try and gave my best (for most part, I think). This might or might not be a permanent change and for now it will be directed by a tight budget and the only thing that I know for sure is that I'm in deep need to recharge :).
Ok that's enough of weeping around and some day when I'll feel blue I will post more about my past.
On August 27th (if all goes well) I will be leaving on little longer ride.... 6 -8 months, or more..... I know.... no biggie..
No planned route's or specific destinations, just general direction one day at the time - SOUTH, for now :)
OK so now that you know I will start posting into this blog as often as I can.

part 1
I guess although there is not much of it, YET lol

the bike needs work, preventive mainly and I have to start working on it asap so this weekend I'm taking off for a camping trip and right after that I will start taking my bike apart,
I made a custom top case and this little get away will be a nice test for it, fingers crossed

things done to the bike so far:
                 Top case and rear plate (custom)
                 Y pipe and Remus muffler, Thanks Marcin :)
                 Ohlin's are on order (shocks)
the case is Pelican 1610 with my custom design mount

work in process

Inside is almost done :)

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