Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Need to practice my writing lol

Ok its been a long while since I did any writing so I need to practice.
( I will edit this and make a little nicer, but for now it is what it is lol)

4Th of July weekend
Loc. Moose brook state campground ( very nice actually :) )

Friday 07-01-2011  -  Getting up there
So as everything else, long weekends come and go J but this one was super fun.
We had a great group of friends riding and camping in New Hampshire and the weather was…… almost good lol, nah it was great and the Sunday washout worked great as we all needed some cool down time and bikes got washed so it’s all good lol.
Getting up there we were divided in groups as everyone had different working schedule, so some left early and some very late like us three amigos, (Voytek, Rod and I) its about 280 mile push to get there but riding highway at night was easy and we got to the campsite at around 1:30am or so, the whole way coming up there all I could think of is how nice it will be to sit by fire with beer in my hand mmm….., well that didn’t work. We didn’t make it to NH on time to buy it, and everyone else thought that we would bring it with us lol. So for next time? COMMUNICATION might be a right thing to do lol. So we had some chicken soup and went to sleep sober.
last stop after 200 miles of Highway riding
yay the fire was waiting for us :)

Saturday 07-02-2011  - Riding and camping
Some of us went for a ride to see Native American Pow Wow and it was very nice, the weather was great and decent 50mile or so ride there, The place was very nice but after some walking around Mark got bored and we split up and two of us went to get some thing to eat while the rest stayed for some native story telling, we meet up back at the camp site for some very nice chill time J and this time we had beer YAY
Matt got here finally so now we have full group

                                                    Some pics from the Pow Wow

Sunday 07-03-2011 – riding and camping cont.
We went for a ride to Errol and got a little wet along the way and as usual I left my pants liners back at the camp so I got nicely soaked lol (lesson learn). Matt received phone call from his GF and he had to ride back to CT as it was family emergency (Sorry Dude L).so hang around for a while and continue riding while hitting rain one more time. Overall the ride was very nice and no one seamed to mind the wet situation. We bought a tarp to set-up above the picnic table and some more beer J plus food and all that. Great time

camp set up
my office :P

Magda was having fun :)

Come out cool

Jamie was having his own argument

Monday 07-04-2011
Mark was first one to pack up and leave, he said that he wanted to be home asap so he was going to ride on the highway, the rest of us made a decision to make the best of nice weather and ride some back roads, it worked nice.

Packing almost done and we are ready to go

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