Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bogota day 1

I left the hotel in the morning to get to the dealer with small hopes that they just might work on my bike this day, well I got to the place just fine with one exception – it was the wrong one! lol.                         One thing about Colombia is that you will find many very friendly people that are willing to help anyway they can, and sure enough one guy was picking up his car and than he was going to the other place so I just followed him there. It was Saturday so the dealer was closing early but at least they made an appointment for Tuesday first thing in the morning and spend some decent amount of time to search for cheap Hostal for me to stay. As we were going through all the phone calls I notice two guys hugging my bike, they were Alex and Felipe and both had 1150gsa so sure enough now I had a great company that showed me the way across the city to the Fatima Hostal where I’m staying till Wednesday.  The day ended having an awesome dinner and coffee with Pedro and his wife, short walk after and I was back at the Hostel.

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