Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bogota day 3

This hostal starting to get to me as some ignorant asswipe above my room listens to loud music till 2am, well the only good thing about the place is the price and interesting people that I meet here. In the morning I took my Nikon and went to walk around the town, the tight streets are full of interesting buildings, restaurants and museums. There wasn’t many people around as everyone were in the down town for the holiday walk, so the area was nice peaceful and sure enough before I knew I walked into some shady neighborhood where I got approached by two police man. I guess I could be in danger of getting robbed here so they politely walked me back into the tourist area where I could be safe lol, o well I guess they know better. After some decent breakfast I went back to Hostal to do some updates but Felipe and Laura showed up so we went for a ride to visit near by salt mine, that was a time well spend filled with nice walk into the mine it self and ended with super nice dinner at local Japanese restaurant. 

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