Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Peru Lima

Wow what a big and busy city this is, I was told that Mexico city is the worst driving out there but I never made it there so for now Lima is on top the list :). I'm mean you have to use your elbows to get through the traffic here and have steel skin and thick nerves (or the other way around).
It was a sad morning as we were going separate ways today (for a while anyway) Marina and Marcos were leaving to get to Cuzco and I needed tire change so I'm staying in Lima for one more night.
As we were having breakfast and coffee in local starbucks (I know but o well) Gustavo showed up on his beautiful ktm990s so we had a nice chat for about an hour and maybe we'll see each other again at the Dakar rally. Well the time come to say good byes and in no time I made it to the dealer to get my tkc's on. (its good to have Perut maps on :)

The bikes
Bye Marina and Marcos, I miss them already

At the dealer
Almost 13k miles on those, not to bad

The cow is getting washed again, Dammit I'm loosing all the memory dirt!

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