Thursday, November 3, 2011

Panama City

this will be a 3 day in one update

Tuesday - Lots of cops in Panama (got lucky again)
I had some things to do in the morning so I left David at around 11am, I wasn't sure if I will make it to Panama City that day so at first I was staying at speed limits and just taking it easy. As the km's went by I noticed that I just might make it so I started to push a little harder, I made it to Panama Passage late in the afternoon and Shawn welcomed me with a cold beer in his had - YES!

Wednesday - Running around with my tongue out (its hot in here)
I called Graig air cargo and they told me that they might squeeze me in for Sunday morning, but few hours later I get phone call back from them to pack my bike and get there before 3pm so I might get the bike out on Friday. So after messing around in city traffic and usual Panamanian rain I got there in time, the problem was that I only had $600 on me as I didn't expect that it would happen so quick. No problem they got the paper work started, look over the bike and took some pictures off it, The deal was for me to show up today with the remained 300 bucks (total cost $902.50). So I got back to the hotel and booked a flight out for 400 bucks! for 1.5 hour flight? what the! the actual ticket was 290 and rest are just taxes. What stayed in my head all night and still is today that I left my bike in the by their building wall and I have no clue as what will happen to it from now on.
Two more guys Dave (f800gs) and Doug (r1200gs) got here today and they are planning on flying out of here as well

Thursday - the Colombia is still on the other side
Today is the Panama independence day and they have a parades everywhere all over the city and country I suppose, So Carlos our super friendly taxi driver was trying his best to get us into the cargo area so I can pay the dues and they can start the talks. Well after and hour of driving around the area and trying hard to find the way in and around another parade, we gave up and I asked Carlos to bring us back here (bought him a 6pack for being a good sport). After quick e-mail back to Graig the answer was that I can bring the money tomorrow before the flight. (11:05 am Friday)
E-mailed the dealer in Bogota for a quick service and I hope that they can take me in, My left fork seal is leaking and right cam chain is making lots of noise.
ok till than

Yea wright, take that off road

Leaky times
Two zip ties and bandanna fix
Crossing the bridge to Panama City
At the cargo area
Leaving my Cow behind
From today's drive


  1. Thanks for blogging. Man, some of those roads are insane. Seems like you are enjoying yourself. Glad you are meeting lots of cool travelers along the way. Stay safe in Columbia, dude.

  2. Lol, I rolled into Panama Passage right after you left! Sorry to have missed you, but there are still quite a few miles ahead.

  3. oh bummer, yea my flight happen so fast, well I'll be in Bogota till Wednesday and I'm in Hostal Fatima, 18 bucks a night and that is cheap for around here, My bike will get worked on Tuesday

  4. Doug and David are saying the email address you gave them is bouncing. They think you hate their guts and are avoiding them. If true, than never mind, but if not you might want to get in touch with them. I think mainly they're worried about the bikes on the Columbia side of things.

  5. lol I have some issues with my e-mail< i will update on how to handle things around here, its not to bad if you know the ropes, tel them to try