Monday, November 21, 2011

Ecuador Quito to Puerto Cayo

We made our minds on making to the cost this day so we got the bikes packed and set off early in the morning, Quito is a very big city so having a working maps on GPS helped allot and we got through the morning traffic just fine.
For a first couple of hours we were still in the mountain twisty roads with many nice views and the roads were in good shape, but as you get closer to the Pacific the scenery changes from somewhat of a jungle ride to dusty almost desert like areas. The mountains cities are nice and clean and here we started to see more trash along the road and poor dirty small towns everywhere, still it was a great ride and new things to see on my trip.
Finally after 300 plus mile ride we made to the cost, we still had to get through Manta a busy port city and after that was all beaches and ocean views. As we were searching for place to stay in mall towns along the cost we noticed another traveler, His name is Roberto and his is traveling on BMW 650X from Mexico to where else? Bottom of SA :). So we rolled in to Puerto Cayo where we found a cheap hostal to stay for the night.

As always Len is getting all the attention
Swiss couple is traveling in this rolling house
Smoke everywhere
Cool looking trees
We made it :)
And now its three of us

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