Thursday, November 17, 2011

Colombia Popayan to Ecuador Tulcan

Riding miles and updating the blog is getting a little hard but I will try to get it all done :) ok 5 day update again.
I got up early in the morning so I can get to the border but it was raining very hard so I waited for an hour and the rein slowed down, the road between Popayan and Pasto its very twisty and with plenty of nice views, I wish it would it been in better condition but I guess you can't have everything. About half way to Pasto I noticed a 1200ADV pulling fast on my left so I waved and pointed up the road so we can stop somewhere for a coffee and chat. Len from Nova Scotia is on the road for past three months and for past three weeks he was roaming around Colombia (lucky guy) HIS BLOG
So we found a small place near by to take a break as another traveler pulled up, It was Walter with his wife and they are traveling from Paraguay in classic 2CV THEIR BLOG plus they are running a hostel back home so we both got invite.
The road is getting much better after Pasto and the views are just breath taking, so we made a quick stop for pictures and pushed on to the border. Crossing is easy and it takes about an hour or so, the near by town has plenty of places to stay so after some searching around we found a cheap hotel to stay for the night.

Border info,
Leaving Colombia is quick, stamp the passport and in the building behind they will take your moto paperwork, done.
Coming to Ecuador you will get 3month visa and before you go to register your bike go make copies of your (passport, title, registration and license) the guy will go out with all the stuff to your bike to check the numbers so it might be a good idea to park close, than he will type everything into computer and you get a print out, done.
We didn't get an insurance and I'm not sure if its required to have one here.
first stop that day

The usual speed bumps along the way

Cracks and potholes are filled with mud so watch out
and from time to time the visibility was slightly lower
Len and Walter in front
Signing Walter car
The 2cv
We decided to ride together for next few days
Some of the twists

I think we got a fan

Super cool ride
And awesome views
I'm in Machala right now and I will cross t Peru tomorrow


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