Saturday, November 5, 2011

Few thoughts on Central America

Over all it was a amazing experience, the good, the bad and not much of ugly. So far it has been a very lucky ride and I hope that it will stay that way, I did not get pulled over once and did not had to pay any bribes to anyone. Dropped my overloaded cow twice with very minor damages, did not get any flats.
I've meet lots of great people along the way, both local as well as travelers like me so that was great.
Guatemala - awesome country with very friendly people and amazing views (crazy chicken buses) Antigua is on must do list, if you planning on doing your service at the BMW dealer call ahead first an ask to hook you up in the 20dol hotel otherwise you will pay 100 per night. I would love to see this country again.
Honduras - Copan Ruinas is a amazing place to see, The Atlantic coast is nice but the old Spanish forth is ok at best. Drivers are insane and dangerous and the roads in most places are pure crap. Don't really care is I see Honduras again (except for Copan)
Nicaragua - pure awesome!! without any doubt I will come back and spend more time in this country, I love how raw it is and the volcano's are just amazing, you can stay as cheap as 6 bucks per night and you will not get bored there, Thumbs up for that place
Costa Rica - I would love go back to visit again but as fully payed all inclusive vacation, I'm sorry to say but as much as I enjoyed the offroad adventure I don't care for coming back there on my bike.
Panama - I didn't get to see much of it as my flight was set-up way faster than I though it would be, Damn it I didn't even see the canal :(
there is allot more about Central America than the few words I wrote so don't use me as guide lol, and if I had a chance to do it again I would.

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