Monday, November 28, 2011

Peru Nazca to Camana

Last night as I was taking a walk through Nazca I noticed a bus full of tourists pulling in, they were from Poland so I tried to talk to some of them but I guess they took me as another poor backpacker so I was mainly ignored lol o well.
As I was enjoying my morning coffee out on the street, two bikes were going by. It was Dave and Doug with his wife so I waved them in and after short chat they took off, poor Dough was sick for past few days so they were skipping Cuzco and that area all together.
So I packed my bike and left for another day of desert riding :)

yes more desert :P
Meet two Canadians pushing hard to Chile

Back at the coast
That was a nice ride

Camana is a quiet little city with not much happening, I took a walk on their main street and had a nice dinner near the local market

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