Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peru Huaraz to Lima

Staying in Huaraz was so refreshing :), the mountain air, dirt ride and walk in the city was just what we all needed to get away from highway riding. So we packed our bikes in the morning, pumped my everyday getting worse leaking air tire and set off for breakfast.
Rt 3N has amazing views following the edge of Huascaran national park and we could only dream on maybe getting inside of the park for some great dirt ride :) still this was a beautiful area with all kinds of mountains and great twisties along the way.
Coffee with milk (or the other way around)
The weather was good

Some scenery along the way
and the twisties

got to pay attention
allot of attention
so that's why there was so much dust everywhere
Not sure what those were
So we got to Lima and spend couple of hours going through hotels, Its not cheap in this city, I'm staying here for two nights as I need to change my tires and Marina and Marcos need to keep on going so they are leaving in the morning


  1. Let me know where you get your tires changed. We'll be doing the in Lima after Jan 15.


  2. Well I had my own tires and I needed some other stuff to take a look at so I went to Lima Bmw dealer, they don't stack many tires so If you need something specific you can order it ahead, let me know if you need their contact info