Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ecuador Machalila to Machala

Roberto and Len decided to stay in this town for few days to take a break (I don't blame them) but I'm on schedule so I had to pack up and take off in the morning, Ecuador cost line is very nice so I had a good ride till I got to Guayaquil. You can't go through tunnels in this city and my GPS went completely stupid so naturally I got lost, I was going to Machala and there is also a street with that name so eerytime I asked for directions people were sending me allover the town. Finally after and hour of riding around I meet a guy that showed me the right way and go the heck out of there.
Along the way I noticed a load up 650gs so we both pulled over for a lunch and small chat, Abel from Argentina was going around SA and had few cool stories to share from dead road and other awesome places he visited, as we were having a great lunch a bus full of tourists from Holland pulled up and those guys were all over the street shooting pictures, so we had fun watching them and soon after we were on our separate ways. Got to Machala and hour later and found a cheap Hostal to stay, not much happens in this town so I went to sleep quick.
Tomorrow I will update from Peru
View from my room
Ecuador cost is very nice
Abel and I
Surrounded by tourists
Banana fields

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