Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bogota day 2

I hired a taxi in the morning so I can follow it to Perdo’s place, and shortly after we were going to meet up with his son Esteban and daughter. Once the group got together we left for a full day ride to “forgot the name of the town“ through very nice twisty roads that were fill with heavy traffic. Riding in Colombia is totally different from what I’m use to and at times I had a hard time keeping up with those guys as the constant passing, it’s a normal thing around here. This was a holiday weekend so the town was full of tourists but still it was a very nice place to visit and after a walk around and great lunch it was time to hit the road back home. This time we got caught in heavy rain with thunders hitting near by so again I was far behind the guys but they were ok with it I guess. I found my way back to hostal as I’m starting to understand to concept of road set-up in Bogota, Thanks to Pedro :).