Friday, November 11, 2011

From Neiva to Armenia

During a decent breakfast at the hotel the stuff were conforming the threat of Guerrilla in this area and that I would draw an attention with my bike so I should go back up and around, o well at least its a cool adventure for me "running from the rebels" lol.
First 100 miles were easy and it went fast, I noticed that police were pulling just about everyone at their check point except me, maybe they don't bother tourists anymore? I'm not speeding "much" anyway.
So after couple of rest stops I got to Ibague and o boy did I get lost there, my Gps went totally stupid and I was driving around the town trying to find the way to the road I saw below. Finally I followed bunch of taxies through a tight overcrowded market to the right road, wow I never rode a crazy downhill like that, the angle was so wild that I would not do it in the rain.
Rt40 at this point got nice a twisty, the road condition was good and with tons of turns I started to have some fun. Until I got to a standstill traffic, so I pulled to the front of it and the lady pointed to me that I can go but to stay on the side of the road, hmmm maybe there is a land slide? Well come to find out that they were painting the middle yellow stripes so the bustards closed the darn road for few hours, I guess its good to be on the bike sometimes :).
The road got even twistier and after a while I got to another stand still but this time it was a accident and o boy this was two trucks stuck in the middle of the turn, managed to get through between one of the trucks and side wall.
Allot of constructions happening past the half point as they building new straighter road so that means tons of trucks and occasional rain made this a long day, but I got to Armenia and found a decent hotel for not bad of a price. Getting closer to Ecuador

Some GoPro pictures (forgot to charge my small camera)
Good weather, great road, fun times

Hey whats that darn thing on your head?
More stops along the way
Wet road, tight turns and fun trucks goood times
ok today's update is next

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