Friday, November 11, 2011

From Armenia to Popayan

Not much happen today except for the usual getting stuck in traffic, Riding through Cali was a pain, lots of traffic and bad roads. I'm getting use to riding in crazy city traffic and I don't even mind the cars, trucks or the buses but those little 120cc bikes are starting to get to me, I mean you have to look 5 times all around before making a move. They are everywhere and they are pure nuts! I almost kicked one as he was going to side swipe me, wow those guys (and gals) are something lol.
Got stuck in accident traffic on rt25 and back to wet twisties after taht :) lets see if I can get to Ecuador tomorrow.

Love those green hills
Its good to be on the bike

Road train
hmm yea
Thumb up for the family, wow

That's how you ride up the hill

Bikes cross for free, nice
And wet again lol

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