Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CR to Panama

It was raining all night and as well in the morning, I went back to town to check out about the zip lines and that was a bust. I would have to stay one extra day so they can arrange the set up for me, no thanks.
So I took of for the border, got there around 1pm soaking wet, crossing took me about 3 hours.

Border info
Costa Rica side: As you rolling into the border area there will be a building on left side (looks like a bus station) there is no pre-check point, Leaving CR is quick.
Fill out a small form at the window and get your passport stamped, than off to the Aduana office, there you fill up another form and get few stamps for your collection, all free.
Panama: First at the immigration office window, some guy will charge you 1dol for a small sticker in the passport and than you will get stamp.
ok now in this order.
Across the street there is a small office where you buy insurance ($15) and get all needed copies, go back to the main building and around on the other side there is a a door where you will get one stamp.
Now back to the Aduana window where you will hand the copies and your passport and wait (in my case for almost 2 hours). They will enter all info into the system and you will get one paper and your passport back, now you find a customs agent (they stand around near office) and he will check content of your bike (DOUBLE CHECK YOUR INFO!) in my case the guy gave me a hard time about my tires but I talked my way out :). Once he signs the form all you have to do is go to the window near exit and pay one more dollar for fumigation, get that done on your way out and you are done.
once you leave the area there will be one more check point but its quick

I made my way to David where I stayed for the night and leaving now to get as close as I can to Panama City


  1. enjoying reading your blog.......stay safe....my trip south begins next August to SA......


  2. I checked your track and you had a waypoint just minutes ago and you are almost across the Panama Canal. I keep refreshing and hoping to see it almost live...
    I look forward to your first check-in on the far side of the Darien as well.

    Our bikes go to the shipper next week. See you in Argentina!