Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crossing over to Colombia

Had a butterflies in my stomach all night as well as in the morning, not knowing what might happen to my bike was just killing me. After few good byes Dough and I got the taxi back to the cargo area so He can find out where and what and I need it to pay the remaining 300 for the bike shipment.
The flight was good and on time, but the Bogota airport was way overloaded with people so That took a while to get through, roughly around an hour or so. The cargo in Bogota is not far so you could consider walking but I had bunch of stuff with me so I took a taxi and got ripped off right smack on the good afternoon Colombia :) It was my fault thought as by mistake I handed the guy a 50000 bill as all my stuff were out of the car and the dude took off before I could remember the taxi numbers, well what goes around.... lol, oh well.
ok I had some running around the place as the people there were giving me wrong directions so here is the correct info for those that would fly their bike by Girag air cargo
(step one that I did not do, I guess you can purchase insurance at the airport, I'm not sure about that info and I still don't have insurance and tonight I'm meeting ADV rider for dinner so I hope to get that info)
OK back to cargo
First walk into to the building before the gate (Blue glass building on right of the entry driveway) and at the front desk you will register and get pass to go inside cargo area.
Next, got to office 500 (you will see numbers on building, about 100 yards from the gate to the right) the office is on top floor past cafeteria. Present your copies to the lady at front desk and they will get all needed paper work for you.
Than you will walk back to the first floor and walk through the door on the right ( right when you facing the stairs) you will hand your paper work to the lady at the last window and she will look it over, stamp it and I think she might give you one more to the collection.
Next you go back to the "blue" building before the gate and go to the 3rd floor, the security guy will ask you to sign in and take you to the Aduana desk where the lady will take your stuff, make copies and fill out few sheets of paper work, with me so far? lol. Once you are done here your bike is registered in Colombia.
Last you go back to the lady at first floor in office 500 and hand all paper work back to her, she will issue a order of release and from this point you will wait for your bike, you will have to drive down the ramp to the parking lot. From this point you are free to leave any time you want, you will go left and through exit gate.
Good luck and have fun I hope it was clear enough :)
Ps. the bike arrived in the same condition I left it with all bags still on it :)

for some reason stupid blog wont accept pictures from smugmug today so see my ADV report, I will post pictures here when its all fixed

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