Monday, November 21, 2011

Ecuador Puerto Cayo to Machalila

One thing about being in small town on the cost is that you will always find a cool small restaurant that has fresh fish for dinner, so after a good meal we finished to night drinking beers and some weird vodka on the beach, good times.
Roberto was going to stay in this cute surf town near by so we decided to tag along so after one more fish for breakfast we took off. Machalila is a tourist trap but just few blocks from town center we found a hotel that took us in for 15bucks per nigh and it was right on beach, is you looking for decent place to take a break on your trip this might me it. This town has plenty to do, its full of restaurants and bars with wifi, also you can book a zip line tour and surfing lessons or just chill on the beach.

Getting ready to roll
Looking for place to eat some breakfast, so are the birds
Local specialty, bananas and cheese with awesome fish
Touratech should jump on that

Can't go wrong with views like that
Parking in the hotels court yard

Aaaaaaahhhh feels good

Check out that rolling bar, drinking and working out

The birds

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