Saturday, October 29, 2011

Costa rica here I come

I left Granada very early and withing 50k I meet another traveler going opposite way, this guy was from El Salvador and had no clue about ADV rider but he seam to be interested so we might have a contact there. After few stops for pictures I made it to the border and as usual I got swarmed by helpers, and again I said no and continue on.
Nicaragua leave looks like this: Park near the AD office and go get your passport stamped first, than fin AD agent and have your bike checked over. He will sign your bike form and now you have to find a police officer for a stamp, than go back to AD office and get more signatures. On the way out they will take back the paper and you are done.
Off to Costa Rica border where I got lucky with helpers because the whole bus of tourist showed up so the were busy. This border is all mess up and takes a while to get through, about 2 plus hours in my case.
First you get your passport stamped than of to the small office for bike export, they will take your stuff to look it over and send you for a walk back to get copies and insurance. The ins. was around 630 something of Colones ( I will correct that if I'm wrong), next door is a copy place and for a 1 dollar you will get all copies you need. Than back to the office where you will get a simple form to fill up, Back to it again and this time he will stamp your stuff and now you have to go forward to another office to get all registered. This is where it might take a while as there is usually allot of truck drivers and one window open, but its a simple process and now you can leave to the exit. They will check your passport and bike paper work, than you hand a little ticket that you will get back at the office and off you go. (Except for insurance the border is free)
The border is muddy so watch out as I almost dropped my bike.
When I was there I meet an traveler from Italy and beautiful gs100 so we rode for a bit together but we got separated in bad traffic and weather, sorry dude I hope I'll get to see you again.
I got to San Jose just fine where I spent some time with my sister and her friends, and she got me a room in nice hotel so yay for me :) thanks sis I love you :)

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