Saturday, October 29, 2011


So we got up in the morning and after cold shower and awesome coffee we went for a walk, Leon is nice but we didn't had time for a long walk so after few pictures and breakfast we went back to pack.
Three of us were going to Granada and the rest were going to visit someone along the way so we all left at the same time, I have a gopro video but no time to post it now.
After some time we split and went our separate ways, the GPS was working great so I was leading through the city now.  Stopped for a nice walk on Masaya Volcano which was totally awesome and after a while we got into Granada where I finally caught up with Tim and Adrian YAY.
Long story short we had some great time with some cold beers and international conversation.

I had to leave very early in the morning so I could get to San Jose Costa Rica to see my sister.

Sorry for short update but I have to leave very soon lol
Getting ready to leave
French Banditos
Polish non bandito

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