Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guatemla day 3

I took a last ride through Antigua streets in the morning and split for Guatemala City, I wanted to get to RT CA9 So I can get close to Copan Ruinas grab a hotel and cross to Honduras early in the morning tomorrow. Well that didn't work,  I should be use to my plans failing by now lol.
I guess its normal for me to get lost in big cities and it was no different this time, but after an hour or so of asking for directions I finally found my way through Guatemala city and I was back on the right track.
20 minutes later I saw a load up f650gs with big tank going toward GC,  I waved and so did he and kept on going. Oh no you don't!, so here I go again chasing another traveler.
I caught up to him and pointed up to near gas station so we can talk, First thing he said to me wast that may tail light is not working(damn!).
This guy is from Japan and he is on the road for past 15months (or something like that) , did Asia, Europe, Africa and now he is making his way down to Bottom of SA, His site
Very cool guy, we had a nice chat than he signed my flag and took off so I can work on my bike.
I checked all fuses first and they were all fine, so next is the break light switch. So I took the front one apart and sure enough as soon as I press it the light came back on, ok cool. Well not so fast - put it all back together started the bike and the light was off, the turn signals worked, but that's all. So i took it apart again and pulled the switch out to tape it up, at least I have the lower one to turn my light on. Nope that was not it, and than I noticed that when I turned my handle bars to the left the lights went back on. So maybe is just bad connection, started to mess around with that and nothing. Now I have no tail light at all, No break light and No running light working at this point. the stock turn signals work but not those addition lights (on my tail pack).

ok so back into to GC i go, I knew that there is a dealer somewhere in the city so with luck I might find it, Stopped on one gas station to ask around but no one knew. Ok my bad for now writing those things down before the trip. Few minutes later I pulled in into this store/garage and asked those guys, I got lucky the manager spoke english and started making some phone calls. It was already late in the day and the guy from BMW dealer had no way of coming down to get me so I was on my own till tomorrow. Few guys from the shop were going home so they agreed that I could follow them and they will bring me to the dealer it self. So I'm following this little car through some questionable neighborhoods of GC and at one point I see a sign on the bus if front of us "are you a victim?" well I could be in fem min lol. Few minutes later they pulled over and few guys left home at this point, so we were back driving around the evening traffic. Another 20 min or so went by when they car pulled over and this time one the guys said that it would be quicker if I take him on the bike, at this point I have no choice so I did. The traffic was getting worse and this guy was wasn't 100% sure of where to go so we were riding around the town for another 45min or so as my bike was at the boiling point and I had no break or tail light. But we managed to find where the dealer is and a over my budged hotel in the area, O well I guess that's the price.
Tomorrow I will call the dealer again to see if they can squeeze me in and if not that I found some apartments for rent near by and 1/3rd of the price that I've paid for one night here

I will keep in touch


Last walk in the city

I'll add his name tomorrow, I left the card on my bike

His map

working on the bike
and failed attempt
The guys at the store
following the car in GC


  1. seeing the world differently now:)? keep riding. don't tnhink to much about the gear. It can spoil the experience trust me.
    have a look at this :

  2. thanks brother, yea I'm ok with all that and gear is fine, Honduras tomorrow :)