Monday, October 24, 2011

Making my way to Honduras

Got up early in the morning and after a nice breakfast, pack the bike and as I left the garage Jose and his wife were waiting for me in the lobby. They were here to lead me out of the city so I won't get lost again lol, and short ride later we pulled over on gas station to say our good byes and promise for future visit. Thanks again for all the help :).
Most of the landfalls and rock are cleaned right now but the roads are quite damaged specially when you get to secondary roads so I have to take it very slow at times, but I got through to border just fine.
First step was to sign out of Guatemala, the computers were down so I had to wait about 20 min or so but the process was simple and quick (10q) for passport stamp. Than I got to Honduras side and I got lucky as the immigration office was empty so that was quick ($3 tax), the bike import cost 35 dollars and there is some running around to get copies of all the papers. No problem they send a kid to show me where to get all copies done and 5bucks later I was back at the office getting all the stamps, they like the idea that I was from the same country as John Paul so for next set of copies they send the kid alone as we watched football on tv :P. All together with the wait at Guatemala side it took me just under 1.5 hours to get through the border, not to bad. ( as I was leaving a whole bus of people show up and now the line was out the door, with only one window open)
I'm in Copan Honduras right now where I fund a clean and cheap hotel, Tomorrow I will go to explore the ruins and either keep on going or stay here one more night, we'll see


Saying good bye to Jose 

Road repairs and clean up in Guatemala
No matter what is the stop, you can always buy snacks
I think people were going to vote today
Few of those to get through
Got to watch out for some cows on the road

Border an Honduras side
Long line of trucks waiting their turn
The hotel
And few pictures from short walk in the town

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