Friday, October 14, 2011

Mexico day 12

The trip so far: 24 days 5700 miles

OK I don't know how the Pan-Am HWY record holding people did it but I have a hard time getting 300 miles in a day here, mybe they don't take rt 200 :P
I started the day with awesome skype call :) followed by a nice walk on the beach, the waves were nice.
Got back on the road hoping for a 300 miles and again i didn't get it :( I did 230 today, the road condition was very bad at time and specially while going through Pinotepa Nacional. I use to  take my jeep offroading in conditions like that and that was just down town main street, I wish I had my Gopro set up to record that road.
Not much to post today as I was trying to make up time, and even though the road got a little better I got caught in heavy rain. I made it to San Pedro Pochutla where I'm staying for the night. (not sure why my spot posted last point why before that?)

Cool waves
Can you see the little guy?
lets zoom in
Tons of sand on the road
coming up on Army check point
Those little taxis are cute :)
Looks like I'm getting wet soon
yup, time to gear up
lots of rain
And my hotel for tonight

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