Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mexico day 2

OK quick update as it morning and I'm leaving soon

What I should have done is to stay at Creel for 2 days in the first place, leave all the stuff in the hotel and go to Copper Canyon on light bike. But I had a different plan and as usual my plans never work lol.
The area is absolutely spectacular and this is one of the destinations that I would like to come back to, I don't care if it will be on a bike (lighter one) or a car, its so much to explore here that 2 days is just not enough. The ride through the mountains is just purely awesome, you have to be constantly alert as you don't know how tight will be the next turn and what might me on the road it self (rocks, animals, etc.) the dragon its a child play compare to this.
The plan was to ride to Batopilas and stay there for the night, all was going well til I got to the dirt road.
At first I though no way, there was a road work for first 4km and the road was covered with thick white stones across the whole with and they were very loose, but after short debate and small talk with local guy I decided to go for it (bad choice). I got though the gravel just fine and the road changed to beat up dirt road with loose stones everywhere, I'm still doing ok at this point. Few km's later I realized that I was way to close to the ledge so I made a quick change over to the other side and that when I hit the soft spot, ooppsss down I go :), the fall it self wasn't bad and the only damage on the bike was broken turn signal lens and few scratches here and there. The problem was that the bike was laying with the wheels up hill, o buy did I had a fun tie trying to pick it up but I got it. At this point I'm thinking that maybe I should go back up, so as I was trying to turn the bike around whops I dropped again agrrrr.
Ok wow this time was even worse and I was running out of steam but while screaming my longs out I got the heavy cow on its feet and managed to turn it around, after short break I got back on the bike and rode that darn dirt road back to the top ( few time front wheel come of the ground wow).
So long story short I went back to Creel where I stayed overnight and today I will try to get as close to Durango as possible so I can ride that RT40 everyone seams to be talking about it. And I'm going back on rt16 to rt24, the mountain ride is super fun but it takes a very long time tho get through.
Lesson learned :D

Ps. Why I didn't finish the dirt road to Batopilas? - Because it's only my second day in Mexico and all I could see in my head was me crushing the darn bike down that steep side or worse lol.

Creel main street
Few pictures from the road
And ops :P
OK the internet is to low here and I got to go so I'll post more pictures when I have a chance

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  1. most important on the road-super glue, duct tape and cable ties. Use super glue if you cut yourself. Glue will fall off after few days. Get some metal glue and tampons, you can literally fix holes in engine casing with this mix. Duct tape is good for anything else. keep riding and do not think too much about the bike. It will be fine.they were built for this.