Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mexico day 16

Last day in Mexico
I knew that I was going to stay at the border so I took is slow, the ride was ok with occasional road works and police / army check points.
I got here to the border in decent time and did all the check out and registration procedures so tomorrow morning I;m going straight for Guatemala border.
I was told by the official not to bother with the hotel right at the border but instead check out the two just before the place, the first one was very cheap 150 pesos but after recent floods it was all mud in front of it and my bike would have to be parked right in it, plus the room was dirty as hell.
Second hotel was much nicer for 250 pesos and the lady had me ride by the room so I will have fun tomorrow morning trying to get out loll, the nice thing is that they have AC and internet.
Guatemala first thing tomorrow

Ps. I bought a new compact camera so pictures while I'm riding again......YAY

trying out new toy
Border on Mexican side
The hotel
Bike is parked

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