Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mexido day 15

Day off today to play a tourist and take a walk around the town.
It was wet and cold but San Cristobal is very nice and tons to see here, After visiting few churches I went up to the upper town to see the church on top the hill plus to check out the view of the town it self.
On the way back I walked down the regular streets (not so touristy) and when passing one the hotels I notice some guy working on beat up Ural, wow I don't think he's from around here.
Dean F. from Australia and he has been on the road for past 7 years, at first he started traveling by all means through middle East and Asia. Than he did whole Africa on bicycle and later on he flew to the bottom of Argentina and bought this Ural from some guy from Alaska that just finished his trip.
So now he has been on the road for past few years and by spring time he wants to enter US, very cool guy and I told him about the ADV site so maybe he post something.
As I was walking back to the hotel I saw one more traveler on F800gs, this guy is from Austria on the way from Alaska to Panama where he will park his bike for a year and continue on later on.
That evening we all meet up and had few beers with a nice chat, that was awesome.
I'm rushing through today as I do want to update and I need to start packing so I can either cross into Guatemala today or at least stay for the night close to the border.


Some pictures from the walk

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  1. Wow, beautiful architecture. Here in CT you see so many store-front churches. Those chandeliers are breath-taking. Amazing meet ups this day. :) 7 years is long time to be on road. He must have Gypsy blood.