Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guatemla day 2

Holy cow! was it cold in the morning, I got up way early but screw it - I'm waiting for the sun :P
So I got to the lake and guess what? can't co around, most roads are closed. So I took some pictures from one of the view points and did some bargaining with a guy selling some cool Mayan jewelery.
Ok back on the road, I hear Antigua is nice so that will be my next stop, Got here fine with exception of one hiccup that I will explain above the picture.

some views at the lake

At some point the route CA1 turns into a double lane road, I'm traveling in right lane and bus is following me close by. We come up to of the land falls and as I was going to change lanes the bustard was already passing me, at this point I had no choice but to break hard. I did some mud riding today already without any issues but this time all it took was a small patch and down I went. O son of a...... I was so pissed that all I was thinking about was to catch up to the asshole, but the guy wasn't making any stops!. Well maybe for a better as I would probably try to ....... Never mind.
The left case is bang up a little and so is my gear but nothing happen to me so ride on :).

I got to Antigua just fine and I'm staying here for the night, tomorrow I will try to get as close to Copan Rinas as possible
Few pictures from city walk, its nice here


  1. Really amazing pics except the ones of the gear; not so great :(. Glad you're ok!

  2. Now we are talking! great pics, keep them coming :)