Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mexico day 8

Wow updating takes a long time :P

So I left that awesome looking yuppie town where 80% of people spoke perfect English and got back on rt200 quick. The ride was ok till I got to the first city were I got totally lost, but thanks to the local taxi driver that lead me out of the town I was back on the right track.
That portion of rt200 was somewhat disappointing to me as it was more of a jungle ride with only few available views of the ocean than shore ride that I hopped to be.
Don't get me wrong :), it was still a kick ass ride and if you have plenty of time to explore you can just take a side turn and go visit some places that I can only dream about, but I have to push on so this wasn't the case. What was really bumming were the contractions on the last 50 miles or so, I'm not sure if they planning on fixing the existing road or building a new 200 but it was tons of it and sometimes with slippery dirt sections.
I saw some great places to stay along the way and some of them were right on the beach ahhhh, but I needed to get at least 200 miles today so it was a no go.
Finally I got to Playa azul and even though it is a surf town it was totally empty so I got a nice price on the hotel with great internet, yay update. The lady allowed me to park the bike right smack inside the hotel and after I unpacked I went for a short walk ending with not bad of a dinner.
Hoping to get past Acapulco tomorrow, we'll see

few pics along the way

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  1. don't forget and please do not just pass by some Mesoamerican places! that would be a waste.